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November 11th, 2011

This Journal Is My Uncensored Random Space. <3 @ 11:11 am

Current Location: La-la land
State of Emotion: artistic :3

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This is my personal journal, I don't post art here anymore. I also post my art on mah Art Journal (but not as much): arianna_sofia

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~I don't always LJ-cut stuff. Don't like it? Don't read it. 8D

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January 26th, 2011

PLEASE PLEASE READ!!! (About Y!Gallery) @ 09:08 pm

Current Location: at the dining room table
State of Emotion: shocked D:
Music/TV/Videogame: One republic

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS!!!!! (Especially if you are a yaoi fan!!!!!!!!!)

Link to Y!Gallery: http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/

The website that I post almost ALL of my art on - Y!Gallery - is in DIRE need of a system administrator that understands Debian Linux, md softraid and is willing to monitor the site's server. OR IT WILL BE SHUTTING DOWN FEB 14TH. Which would make that the shittiest internet valentine's day EVER.

Y!Gallery is an 18+ community of artists, writers, and fans of that art and fiction that caters to artwork specifically of males only. It is not by a far shot merely a draw homo porn art site. Yes, you can post your hardcore yaoi, or write your sexy lemons, but you can also post sexy men by themselves, doing but sitting on a park bench and smiling if you so desire.

This website has become like a second home to me on the internet. I do not want it to shut it's doors. PLEASE. IF YOU CAN HELP, OR KNOW ANYONE WHO MIGHT BE WILLING TO HELP, PLEASE LINK THEM. Also please repost this if you have any interest in helping out but can't help personally.

This is the entry that was posted on the main page:

"URGENT: 11th hour plea for sysadmins
Hi everyone,

y!Gallery has been being run for some time now without anyone actually in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of our server. In order to keep the site online and operational, we are in urgent need of at least one qualified system administrator that understands Debian Linux and md softraid and would be willing to monitor the server and address problems as they occur.

The site runs on a stack of lighttpd, PHP, and MySQL, and the chat service runs on jabberd14, but these are mostly stable at this point and do not really need much attention paid to them, so if you do not have much/any experience with these things, it does not really matter.

If we do not find a qualified system administrator capable of ensuring our server stays online and operational, y!Gallery will be forced to end operations and shut down on 14 February. If you are able to fill this role, please contact me privately via :pm:PM as soon as possible.

Thanks for your attention."

October 19th, 2010

(no subject) @ 01:53 am

Current Location: In bed
State of Emotion: sleepy sleepy
Music/TV/Videogame: The fan
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Why am I up at 2am.... AGAIN?!?!? Ugh. Brb ded. I mean sleeping.... XD

Hiiiiiii I'm not dead!!! XD @ 01:40 am


Jesus Christ on a cracker how long has it been since I posted.... O.o;;;; ER.... Yeah.... So..... Hi!! 8D; LOL
I got an iPhone and Uh... Stuff happened and... Yeah XD LOL

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December 23rd, 2009

(partly) accused of theft at work @ 12:52 am

State of Emotion: frustrated angry and frustrated
Music/TV/Videogame: Tunak Tunak Tun

I am Jack's furious anger. (reference Fight Club)

Long story short; On seperate occasions each, and this is not the order things happened in: Someone stole money, gift cards, more money, unauthorizedly accessed the office (unlocked and disarmed the alarm at 12:15am) and stole a LARGE amount of money out of a coworkers purse. I - completely innocent - am considered one of three suspects. wth. (i know WHY i am, because it was my late night when $100 was stolen, but I was following the current procedure as I had been told to follow it! AND, MY cashbox wasn't wrong, it was the other box. so idk whatever) punishment between the three of us is to pay back (it's getting taken out of our paychecks over the cource of three) the $100 that was stolen until the theif is found, made to pay us back, and fucking FIRED.

i hope they catch the fucking bitch (i work with all girls except the doctor) fucking QUICK. I'm paranoid about MY shit being stolen now. D< i'm no longer taking a purse. money clip and pocket hello. no chance for theft and no purse for some asshole to try and plant something in (because at this point, I am not trusting any of my coworkers til the theif is found)

great work enviorment and nice hit to the paycheck right before christmas, right? :/ *sigh* Also I am like 95% certain that I have Bi-Polar personality disorder as well. (friends concur) wth ever, fml D<

On a lighter note, I can't watch this without laughing aloud EVERY TIME, it's fucking AWESOME: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LjAi4p--C4&feature=related

November 23rd, 2009

Writer's Block: Twilight becomes you @ 12:38 am

State of Emotion: sick sick
Music/TV/Videogame: nothin

Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!

Yush. Book was better of course. Isn't the book ALWAYS BETTER???? :/ It was definately better than twilight because there was so much NAKED HAWT JACOB FLESH. OH BEBE OH BEBE *meltmelt* YAY

........no spoilers? fuck you no spoilers!!!





November 2nd, 2009

on twitter and cake~ @ 10:23 pm

State of Emotion: contemplative hmmm
Music/TV/Videogame: nothin
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You know i prefer LJ to twitter. you actually get to talk to people and they can comment and a conversation can go on and i can ramble. text limits. i don't like them.

i do have a twitter though, randomly. i... uh.... don't remember what it is right now. too lazy. XD; lol

Sooooo.. random thought for the day; I don't like square peices of cake. I prefer wedge/pie slice shaped peices. They just.... taste better. idk. it's a mental block. squares don't taste as good to me. :/

October 29th, 2009

holy shit longest abscense ever??? @ 10:58 pm

State of Emotion: embarrassed ahahaha...
Music/TV/Videogame: Bay News 9 news
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holy jesus christ has it REALLY been that long since i updated my LJ?! D:


i'm fine. .__. sorry for the emo and... vanishing act. 8D;;; idk WHY the vanishing act... no reason in particular...

*huggles LJ and LJ peoples* jesus christ so long since i posted... .__.;;;;

June 28th, 2009

think anyone will notice... @ 02:09 am

State of Emotion: depressed emo
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...if I just stand over here and pretend to be my happy self when I really feel depressed, emo, rejected, alone, and lifeless inside?

well it worked all this week anyway. Fucking Sasuke cosplay is infectious or something. wts. Also, I concur with celes. Transformers 2 needs moar Bumblebee, but otherwise osm.

I really am starting to think I have issues with being uninterested in people who show interest in me first... and wanting to chase those who seemingly are outside of my reach and who APPEAR TO BE THAT WAY when I first meet at them. What is this disorder called? I know it's got to be called some- oh right, it's BEING A FUCKTARD. I'm an idiot. Sometimes I really hate myself. LIKE SOMEONE WITHIN YOUR SCOPE OF REACH YOU DUMB BITCH. Srsly. FML...

June 16th, 2009

winter in the south @ 10:00 pm

State of Emotion: confused hmm
Music/TV/Videogame: nothin

Do you know how to tell when the seasons change in the south? (Besides the temperature dummy) It gets cold, but doesn't snow (no, we get HAIL, if we're LUCKY we get hail) and the swamp turns brown. Florida is like... "NO PRETTY LEAVES CHANGING COLORS FOR YOU! NO SPARKLY WHITE STUFF OR ICICLES! NO, FUCK YOU! HAVE DEAD FOLIAGE" ......thanks Florida. Like we don't have fun with the hurricanes during the summer, we don't even get a marketable real winter!

The rest of you bastards north happily listen to the tunes of "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" while down here in Florida, with the Rodent, I just pray the swamp doesn't go up in flames and send ME scurrying like a rat...

.....it's not even fall. I think of these things out of sync. :/

I can't wait for it to be cold again. I like wearing lots of clothes.